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Related post: Date: Fri, 7 Jan 2011 23:05:57 -0800 (PST) From: Cailen Vature Subject: Raven Chapter 30AS REQUIRED If pornstar lingerie model you are underage, or this is illegal where you are, then please do the right thing... (Whatever that model photography may be...) This story is copyrighted, 2010. To me the author and it is therefore illegal to copy or preeteen nud models use any part of this sandra model dasha story Teen model viedos without my written permission. If you have any desire to get in contact with me for comments, directions to a good Beta, pictures, or music relating to the story, or for permission to use my story (for lord only knows what...) tiy model naked You artmodelphoto may contact me at my email address: I also love reviews, both the good and the bad. So please feel free to send your thoughts along, I will be more than happy to answer any questions about the story or writing or anything else that you might have. So I hope to hear from you.Chapter 30: Thanksgiving Disaster Fear and Anger preeten model videos Ian was still silent and still holding the money his father had handed him as we pulled into the driveway to our house and got him out of the car. We got inside and I headed with Ian to my room and laid him down on my bed and threw a blanket over him. "Try and rest" I said to him wanting to go downstairs models lilitas and talk to my dad but I heard a soft voice say "Stay" I turned and sat on the side of the bed Ian was laying on and I wrapped one arm peteen girl models around his shoulder. He was model 100 girl shaking terribly... then the tears started and through the blanket I teenage erotic models was wrapped in the sounds of desperate sobs. My heart was breaking for him all over again. From downstairs karen teen model I could hear yelling. I ls model porn think my dad must have been on bolo ties modeled the phone. I could hear him all the way up here so he must have been shouting at the top of his lungs. Suddenly I heard free litlle models a crash and feet pounding up the stairs. My door opened and my father emerged. "You two stay here and do not for any reason leave the house got that, police, fire, end of the earth you keep your butts inside!" my dad commanded to which I could only mutely nod I had never seen my dad like that. I leaned down and gently took Ian's hand and opened it taking the money out and setting it down on the table and the put a gentle kiss to his temple "I love you Virgil, there is only young model passes you and me, and there is no gay or straight, only the lit path before us. The path might be long and hard but I swear I'll help curvy teen models you through it, you'll never be alone." I whispered "you need... a new line" little models defloration Ian said between sobs looking up at me and I could see the tears leaked from his eyes and his whole body convulsed as violent sobs ripped through christina model biography his body and he started coughing. "Ian you need to stop you're making yong models pics yourself sick" I said "I wish I was dead" I heard him sob "No" I said "Ian... I" At that moment I knew the truth and how long I had tried to deny it. Or rather how alt teen model WE had tried to deny it. It felt like the world was pulling us apart but in that moment my heart knew what I had known all along. "Ian I Love you" I said Ian stopped crying and fell silent and his shaking calmed. "Please never say you wish you were bengali nude models softcore shaved models dead" amateur modelling I said "since the moment I saw you I knew you and I were meant little art model to be together. I thought you were one of the 10yo girl models most beautiful creatures I had ever seen. I know you're sexy models forum hurting, but the thought of you dying is too painful to me." I said I looked down and saw Ian's bright blue eyes in tears the water making them sparkle like a softcore nude models thousand diamonds. I leaned down and helped Ian sit up and pulled him into model teens nn a hug and I felt petite model information him wrap his hands around me and run his fingers through my pajama model young hair. Just at that moment I heard someone come into my room and I looked up and saw my mom standing in the doorway giving me a weak smile. She was wiping her own tears from her eyes. "You're awake good" she said "Thanks Mrs. Farrell" Ian said pulling away from my shoulder Mom sat down on Ian's other side and gave him a warm motherly hug "You're going to be staying modells 14 years here for awhile until things get settled down alright?" she asked watching Ian just model young teen stare blonde models galleries at her dumbly "What's ls models collection going to happen?" I asked "Well that's the tough part, there are many different options right now..." "I'm going to go back and let him send me to the conversion camp" Ian said and like lightning my mother moved `SLAP' "Mom!" I shouted as I watched my mom slap Ian hard across the face. He put his hand to his face instinctively and stared at her wide eyed. "I'm sorry, but you needed to snap out of it!" she said to Ian snapping him out of what trance he was in "that's not an option, how long have you been like this in fear, afraid, always hiding?" "Years" he muttered "And you want to go back to that?" she asked "Think of all that has happened in the past few months, to role model you, to my son? Is it worth teen modeling tgp throwing all of this away?" "No..." he said "Good I'm glad we got that settled, let's move to the table... sheer bikinis modeled dinner is ready" she said Slowly we got up and I took Ian into the bathroom and splashed some water on his face. "I look like shit" Ian said glancing at the mirror "Still beautiful cherrie teen model to me" I said giving him a smile as I wiped the water from his red puffy eyes. He smiled back softly and I gave him a supporting hug. We got downstairs and I noticed my sister was cherry model tgp just finishing setting the table. I hadn't even noticed her when we came perfect ten models in. "Hey Nix, this is Ian" I said introducing them Nixie obviously had arrived while we were at the game from UMASS where she is finishing up her degree is Music Education. Honestly we had never gotten along very well but she is my only sibling and I love her. She looks just like me has the same hair same eyes and same build. For a long time people asked if we were twins. Nixie turned and gave me a smile "Hi" She said to Ian "call me Nix or Nixie" Ian smiled and looked at me "She looks like you" he said "EXCUSE ME!" Nix said loudly "But he looks like me! I came first!" she joked and Ian smiled. "Nixie, could you give your father a call and see where he is?" mom asked "Sure mom" she said grabbing the portable and started dialing models fotos Ian gestured to me that he didn't know who Nix was "That's newstar models Nixie my older sister who's been in college for music" I said "Nixie?" Ian asked "Laura Phoenix Farrell" I said "Did I do something wrong?" Nixie said as she came over to the table "he'll be here in a couple of minutes" she added to mom who just nodded and took her seat at the table "No I was explaining you name" I said "Yea Nix or Nixie, I was never much of a Laura and Phoenix is just too long" she said "So does that mean your middle name is actually brenda teen model Raven" Ian asked "Yup" I said with a smile and then frowned "you mean you actually doubted me?" "Not anymore Raven... not kiddie models galleries anymore" Ian said "Good" I said just as the front door slammed open and a very pissed off dad came in holing several bags and a few boxes of things. Setting them down gently he moved to the table and smiled a little "Sorry I'm bd magazine model late" he said "Shall I begin grace?" "We're having grace this year?" Nixie asked "ow" she said has her mom kicked her under the table "Dear Lord, thank you for giving me this wonderful family, thank you for my son and daughter, thank you for this life and all the wonderful things in it. Thank you for diversity and tolerance and most of all thank you for strength and love. Lastly thank you for sending us model 1150 Virgilian who in his short time here inspired us and shown us the strength of love imgboards models and what this day really means... amen" Ian choked back a tear but managed to say "Amen" With the rest of the family "Ian I took the liberty of collecting most of your school things, clothing and memento's from your room and kids models sexy brought them here. I'll be honest and say that the rest of them will probably be academic scheduling models here by the end of the week" my dad said sadly running his hand through bikini model's breasts his hair. (I got that proffecional teen models nervous trait from him) Ian simply nodded "Also he asked for me to give you this" Mr. Farrell pulled out a locket and handed it to Ian "This was my mother's" petite models toronto Ian said swallowing hard "It is a pendant exotic child models of Saint Cecelia" "The patron saint of music" Nixie chimed in "Yes, she wore this as she was our church organist...she died a few years ago to breast cancer" Ian lowered his eyes "why did he give this to me?" "Your father is a complicated man, he lives under strict Christian teachings but he loved your mother with all his heart and she loved you with all her heart... well at least that's what he told me. I have retrieved the forms necessary for us to look after you as temporary guardians until which time this either resolves or it becomes permanent. pretee 3d models Your father has signed lingerie model professional them for me." He said taking out a set of papers in his pocket and handing them to Ian "Thank you" Ian said "Virgilian... Ian... I know this may be hard for you to understand right now, but someday you`ll look back on this moment and realize this female nude models was the audi 2008 models point when everything became better" Mr. Farrell said raising his glass "let's eat" After dinner we went up to my room and I was surprised callie model teen to see a second bed added with a new nightstand. Ian sat down on the new bed liltle models and just stared modelos colombia teen off into nothing. "Ian?" I asked "are you alright?" "I honestly don't know, I feel like I've made a huge mistake but at the same time I feel pretty good. I just really don't want to japanese models youngest be a burden on your folks" Ian said looking up at me. I looked into Ian's crystal blue eyes and leaned down for a tender kiss. Stroking his hand through Ian's red-brown hair he snaked his bigfoot tire model arms around Ian and held him close pulling him to lie down russian boy models on the bed. I was a bit surprised when Ian's motions became more aggressive and instead of dani model snuggling like we had done before Ian's hands took on a life of their own and snaked down to the clasp of my pants. free pantie model "What are you doing?" I asked slightly alarmed at Ian's forwardness "Raven... I love you" I ran his thumbs across Ian's face and rubbed it tenderly "I know what you want, but it's going to have to wait till I can speak with Jay" I said and Ian frowned but I continued "Ian... I am in acemodeling teen love with you not Jackson" I said giving him another brazil nude models kiss "I won't let anything happen to you, you're family now and I know you don't know them very well but my family always sticks together especially when times are bad" I moved to get up off the bed and I watched as Ian snuggled into the blankets and before buffalo bikini models I could whisper goodnight he had fallen asleep and I walked over to Ian's bed and pulled the covers over him and giving his shoulder a gentle squeeze. I walked over to my bed when the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end. It was my magic inside me warning me something was nearby and I felt an icy chill run through me. I looked out my 3d teen model window and saw nothing. I came away from the window and children models nyde glanced around my room but the feeling didn't ease. I slowly climbed down the stairs and managed to avoid whoever was in the kitchen and made it to the back deck and slid outside. I walked down the cold path to my rock and I felt my breath seep out of me when I saw a figure come out from its hiding place. "Hello Raven" it said "Jay" I breathed "what are you doing here?" "We need your help" he said "It's been days since anyone has been over here Jackson, I belfast girls model think you should leave" I said "I know you're super preeteen models upset, but we have work we need to do." He said "And what about me, I have a life, a normal charming little models human life. I don't want to be whatever it is you are." I said "This is difficult for me" Jay said leaning back against my rock "I never thought I would be having this conversation with anyone but you're acting entirely emotionally and over reacting." He struck a nerve and I fell silent "As I said, we need your help" Jay said seriously "I know things have turned out badly and that playing with your feelings might have not been the best idea, but we do care about you Dustin and we can help you with your magic." I wanted to tell him that tgp modele russian Clayton and Casey had already asked for my help, and even offered to help me as well but I held my tongue and waited to hear what he had to say. "I don't even know who..." I trailed off "or even what you are" I said "the best part is you can't even tell me!" I shouted "I don't need to" he said looking models in lebanon at me "you already know." "No I don't" I said "Trust me I'd tell you if I knew" "Dustin, your magic inside you knows, but you're just unwilling to accept it and use it." he said young models lingerie "once you do, everything will become clear." "I don't even want this!" I shouted at him "you did this to teen angel models me!" I saw his face prteen models nn darken considerably "I have done many things, but make you magical was not one of them" Jay said "Our Goddess Ada chose you nude little models and gave you her powers. We found you and have been my nonude models struggling all sandra model myusenet year to figure out a way to communicate with you." "Well you can take my power, I don't want it!" I said "That's not possible, and even if it were your power is far too strong" he said My mind reeled "What do you mean too strong?" I asked "You are probably the strongest..." he fell silent unable to speak but he continued on... gallery pre models "I have ever seen, and I have met models child nudist a fair few, with only one exception." "I can't help you" I said "You must" Jay said "I don't even know you" I said and suddenly Jay closed the distance between us and he took my hands in his. "Dustin, My Anam Cara please..." he pleaded "Use your magic and tell me what you see." usenet petite models Jay said taking my hands and myspace teen model placed them over small model boats his heart. I pushed my magic outward and I felt the chill push out of my fingers and I teenmodel jessi forced my magic into him. I watched him for a minute and I modelo nudistas was surprised as my magic wrapped around him and I noticed that it was like he was encased in some sort of image that was wrapped around him. I started pulling at the image and it started to dissolve. Slowly his features changed and finally they stopped and I gasped. He looked almost the same, he was a little taller and his shoulders broader and more muscular, but he was lean like a runner but the most notable change was to his face where his green eyes became even larger and his ears child model amber grew till they were nearly nine inches in length, and I knew in that instant what Jackson and all of tanya vlad model the Gallants were. "Elves" I managed to say and Jay smiled "We are born nicky model archive looking like human children, bikini models sheer it is meant to protect us. When we reach adulthood we take on our natural form. This is usually around the age of twenty three" Jay said "I child model diaper developed alternative church models my powers early because I am also A Hand of Ada. When we reach maturity joung child model we have enough control over our magic to retain our human shape should we wish it" "Clayton" I said as a one word real nn models question "Is also and Elf and is mature enough to maintain his human shape" Jay said "...And your water walking?" I asked "Elves are light-footed it's one of our powers" he answered "Then what am I?" I asked "You are something entirely different" Jay said "you are the one I've been looking for this whole time" he smiled "What are you talking about?" I asked "Let me tell you then, let me take you back to how it all began, because my story is different russian models nn than the others. I didn't come from this place" Jay said "Then where did you come from?" I asked Jay paused and took a deep sigh "Dustin, I'm going to tell you everything..." I heard and then he began telling me a story that would eventually change my life forever._______________________________________________________________________The next 7 chapters will be an interlude covering the back story infant modeling of Jackson and how he ended up where he is at present. Hope you enjoy. After the interlude only one more 10 chapter part to go!Cailen
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